Vehicle Repair & Maintenance FAQs

Do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer?

The European regulations governing the sale and after-sales servicing of new cars changed in October 2003. For new cars purchased after that date you are no longer obliged to get your car serviced by a franchise dealer during the warranty period.

Sandy Lane Garage will ensure that your vehicle is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended schedule and criterions’ using only your manufacturer’s approved parts.

Is your work guaranteed?

We use only top quality products to repair your vehicle to OE specifications and are happy to fit genuine parts on request. All our work and parts are supplied with a minimum of 12 months or 12,000 miles guarantee.

Why does my cambelt need changing?

Years ago, nearly all production cars had chains to drive the internal mechanics on the vehicle. With the advent of more compact engines and better material technology, many manufacturers in their wisdom decided that it would be better to replace the noisier chain with a quieter "rubber" belt.

This also had the advantage of being able to go through angles and was easier (and cheaper) for the manufacturer to install. Unfortunately when the belts began to snap / strip and simply work their way off their rollers this caused expensive (in most cases) repairs as the pistons can hit the valves and the sudden quietness can be very disconcerting. This is even more important with diesel engines and it is strongly recommended that you change this belt on a regular basis.

Please call in or telephone us to see if your belt needs changing and to receive a free no obligation quote.

Why should the brake fluid and antifreeze be changed?

Brake fluid is hydroscopic i.e. it absorbs moisture from the air. Over time brake fluid becomes contaminated with excess water which lowers its boiling point and therefore, not as easily compressed. Subsequently, causing problems with brake fade.

Antifreeze loses its anticorrosive properties over time and can cause a build-up of sludge and rust if not changed on a regular basis. If left for extended periods of time, this can cause potentially expensive problems through overheating and cylinder head gasket problems.

Must I get the air conditioning serviced?

Regular servicing is important to maintain an effective system since approximately 15% of the refrigerant gas will be lost annually from a nominally gas-tight system.  We recommend you run your air conditioning at least once a week throughout the year and have the refrigerant gas checked regularly and topped up where necessary to the manufacturers' recommended levels.

Help improve hygiene and air quality with a regular cabin filter change since it can become blocked with pollen.  Also, regular cleaning of the air duct helps to remove the bacteria and fungi that can cause unpleasant odours.


Can I pay by credit card?

At Sandy Lane Garage we operate a fully transparent pricing structure that is both fair and competitive. We felt that instead of building credit card charges into the cost of having your car serviced/repaired (like most other business do), we wanted to keep our prices as low as possible and therefore allow customers the choice of how they would like to settle their invoice.  If you prefer to pay by credit card, there is a 1.5% charge for this.  PLEASE NOTE: Debit card payments do not incur this charge.