Caring for our environment

What happens to your vehicle waste?
Environment Agency policy states that people producing waste are responsible for its proper disposal. Your vehicle's servicing waste must therefore be handled professionally to prevent pollution.

Waste Oil - once treated, is used as fuel in the manufacture of steel and in other high energy manufacturing operations. All plants that burn oil derived fuel are subject to Environment Agency authorisation.

Petrol and Diesel wastes - are blended into waste derived fuels and are used in kilns for the manufacture of cement.

Brake Fluid - is blended into a product used for stripping paint from jigs in industrial manufacturing. Any excess can be blended into cement kiln fuel.

Antifreeze - is treated prior to disposal. There is currently no economic recovery operation for this waste. Research continues.

Oil Filters - are processed to extract the oil and to separate the metal. The oil is used and the metal is smelted for re-use.

Batteries - are processed to extract the lead which is a valuable source of a scarce commodity.

Tyres – quite rightly, are not allowed in landfill sites and they are an environmental problem. Some are retreaded but most have to be granulated and used for play areas, equestrian centres and leisure outlets. Excess waste is used as fuel in cement kilns.

Degreasing - solvents are continuously recovered and recycled for re-use.